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«Villa Herod Atticus»


One of the most important monuments of The Roman Times is situated in the ancient village of Kynouria, Eva, whose remains are rescued. The place of the Villa is extended to 20.000km2, a little far from the village Kato Doliana and opposite the Monastery of Loukou and it is one of the richest findings that where discovered initially by the traveller Leake and later by the archaeologists Theodoros and George Spyropoulos.

The latest archaeological find was the pillar with the names of the victims of the Marathon Battle. This finding proves the relationship of origin between Herod and Marathon and it was about his later creation. Herod of Attica was a philosopher, politician and lover of works of art and extended his father' s villa to Eva with aquaducts, baths, statues. The villa compromises the greatest monument of the Athenians hero-worship as it is located in a great landscape with fertile ground, several quarries and was a museum of ancient art. The villa, sample of a special architecture and construction has an atrium, artificial ditch-river, three paths, mosaic floors and pillars. The State is planning to build a shelter to protect the findings.

«Antoniu Guest House-Villa Herod Atticus»