• Kastanitsa Village

«Plateau of Prophet Elias»


Parnonas is a beautiful mountain with many peaks, most of which are over 1,500 meters. Its highest peak is Big Tourla, reaching an altitude of 1,936 meters. From Kastanitsa is about twenty-five kilometers away and the road is paved at 18 km, while the remaining 6-7 are dirt roads with moderate stability for small vehicles. Whatever we record for the Plateau of Prophet Elias but also for the top of the Great Tourla will be a little bit. There are no words that can describe and attribute this immense beauty. As if you are in a hand-painted landscape, you are trying to make your eyes look like, with scenes from this scenery.

Hundreds each year are the hikers that start from each point to reach the top and enjoy the endless horizon stretching from Argolikos Gulf and reaching up to Lakonikos Plain as well as across of Mainalo.


«Antoniou Guest House-Plateau of Prophet Elias»