• Kastanitsa Village

«Parnon Refuge»


It is 1420m from the sea level, near the village Vamvakou Lakonias. It started in 1973 and it was a donation from George Pierce. The refuge is 2 hours from Vamvakou, through Kastanitsa and the route close to nature is amazing electricity is not available, it has a fireplace, a stove and gas for cooking, as there is natural souce of water. There is possibility of hospitality for 34 people.

The area is ideal for amateur astronomers, that avery year make observations there. You can also explore the mountain through guided routes, whereas the view is breathtaking. From the refuge starts a route through a path to the highest top of Parnonas, the Big Tourla.

«Antoniou Guest House-Parnon Refuge»