• Kastanitsa Village

«Kastanitsa Village»


Kastanitsa is a beautiful mountainous village built on the slopes of the green Parnon at an altitude of 850 meters and is considered not unfairly by the more picturesque traditional settlements not only of Arcadia but also of the entire Peloponnese to be aware of the tourist development one would expect based on the beauty of the natural landscape and the settlement that blends harmoniously with him.

It is built on an elongated hill overlooking the castle-hill, with an impressive view of the village. What immediately attracts the attention of the visitor is the large stone-built white houses with their gray roofs of Malevil slate, which in some places are as if hanging from the rocks of the hill and down to the green ravine, while in some others hide behind leaves of hundreds of chestnut trees on the slopes of the road that will take you to the central square of the village. It is worthwhile to walk through the scenic narrow streets of the village between flower-filled courtyards and admire the authentic architecture of the houses. It is very likely that the dominant white color gives you the impression that you are not in a mountainous village other than in an Aegean settlement, hundreds of kilometers away.

Its name comes naturally from the chestnuts and the neighboring chestnut tree. Previously, the chestnut harvest was approaching 500 tons, and even today chestnut is famous and is the main productive product of the area with a cultivated area of about 4,000 acres. Indeed, the last weekend of October has established a three-day celebration of chestnut roots since the late 18th century!

The chestnut festival does not include, of course, only delicacies based on the delicious chestnuts of the region but mountain tea, boiled hot, bean, sweets, wine and tsipouro, which will be accompanied by traditional music and dances. At the same time, recipes for chefs and pastries will be presented, while various cultural events.

Access to Kastanitsa.

The access to Kastanitsa after the asphalting of the road to Aghios Andreas and the Argolic Gulf sea is now very easy and has decisively contributed to the exit of the village from the geographical isolation in which it was located. The easiest possible route is through Argos, Astros Kynourias and Agios Andreas, where you will come across a sign for Kastanitsa

Alternatively, you can go to Tripoli and then take the road for Sparta. After passing the village of Alepochori, after a few kilometers you will come across a sign for Kastanitsa, Vourvourou and Karyes. This route is bigger and more difficult, but it passes through the beautiful village of Saint Peter and from there to Kastanica you will enjoy the route on the edge of the slopes of the lush and beautiful Parnon

The distance Athens-Kastanitsa is 198 km. From Nafplion is 62 km away. Finally, from the capital of the prefecture of Arcadia, Tripoli, Kastanitsa is 70 km away via Kato Doliana and 66 km via Agios Petros.