• Kastanitsa Village

«Platanos Village»


Picturesque, little village built to the southeastern side of Parnonas to 450m from the sea level, 180km from Athens. The village is traditional and the visitor is appealed at first sight from the nature and the water that exist all over the village - it is really famous for its water.

The old watermill, the stone-made fountain, the impressive church, the alleys, the Tower of Moiras that meets all those who visit the village offer relaxation to body and mind. Those who look for adventure and get close to nature can explore the gorge Spilakia.

In the area there is the Cave of Sotiros or Sosimou and you can go trekking to the gorge of Lepidas. The flora of the area is really rich and the celebrations of love, water and moon in August during the fullmoon and the celebration of cherries in May take place every year. The nearby villages Xaradros and Sitaina offer amazing natural beauty.

«Antoniou Guest House-Platanos Village»