• Kastanitsa Village

«Kastri Village»


Great village that took its name from the complex of the seven villages of Kastri, as the biggest one of the region until 1960.The other villages are Messoraxi, Perdikobrisi, Nea Xora,Karatoulas, Oria and Elatos.

It is 25km from Tripolis and 950m from the sea level and consists a traditional mountainous village that combines both relaxation and recreation, such as trekking, the exploration of mountainous nature and the gorges of Parnonas but offers the possibility of religious uplift, as northeast of the village there is one of the most picturesque monasteries, that one of the Saint John the Baptist. It offers accommodation with rented rooms and lots of tavernas for food.

The visitors can meet the culture through icon-stands, watermills, yards and traditional fountains that exist until nowadays and explore the environment and nature of Parnonas through the Environmental Educational Centre that runs in the square.

For those who worship driving through nature, there is a road from the village via Vourvoura and Karya to the national road Tripolis-Sparti. In Kastri acted Zacharias Varvitsiotis with a great participation in the Struggle of 1821.

«Antoniou Guest House-Kastri Village»