• Kastanitsa Village



Karyes is a traditional village, built at the foot of Parnonas, at an altitude of 950m. Flooded with chestnuts and walnuts. It is located on the north-eastern side of the Prefecture of Laconia, on the border with the Prefecture of Arcadia. From ancient times and on its historical journey, it played an important role and had given its own struggles within the Greek state. From Karyes they have their name and the Caryatids whose monument is in the Erechtheion and its model is in the beautiful village.

The forest, so close to the traditional houses, the alternations of colors, the picturesque square with the evergreen plane tree, the hospitality of the inhabitants, the stories of the elders with old stories, cause the visitor to discover the hidden beauties and make every day of his stay unforgettable. It is from Kastanitsa about thirty kilometers and is reached by a path of amazing beauty through the forest of Parnonas.

«Antoniou Guest House-Karies»