• Kastanitsa Village

«Μοναστήρι Κοντολινάς»


The Monastery of Kontolina. An historic chapel, a unique remnant from the Monastery of Kontolina. The monastery is literally lying on the river in a green area of ​​chestnuts and fir trees (a little above), in an environment that gives a strong monastic tone. Only the repaired katholikon is preserved. There are few rare frescoes of Koulida (1767). The history of the monastery according to the Patriarchal Symphony of 1628 was built in the early 15th century and operated between 1628 and 1834 when it was dissolved after Otto's decree.

In 1826 he was destroyed by the Ibrahim hordes in retaliation for the defeat of his troops in the Kastanica area. The route from Kastanitsa to the Monastery is about 12 km. The 3 asphalt and the other dirt road with good traceability.

«Ξενώνας Αντωνίου-Μοναστήρι Κοντολινάς»