• Kastanitsa Village

«Φαράγγι της Λεπίδας»


Even if it is not particularly big, it has natural beauty. To reach the gorge you can go either from Kato Doliana or from the villages of Kastri.

It has 2 waterfalls, the big one oh 70m and the small one of 45m, that impress the visitor. Apart from the view, the walker can admire a variety of flora and fauna that are in abundance in Parnonas. It is actually said that you can count 80 species of herbs and plants. The gorge is suitable for extreme sports and canyoing. For those who want to try the gorge it has two impressive waterfalls, jumpand slides in clean water.

You need 6 hours to cross the gorge, good knowledge of swimming as well and previous experience.

«Antiou Guest House-Lepida Canyon»